Sunday, February 4, 2007

Negotiating the terms of our Pre-Shopping Agreement

A recent instant message conversation between my dear Dochechka (still recovering from her back surgery) who minimizes bending by using this grabber to pick things up…

Me: Any interest in getting into a wheelchair and shopping with me this weekend?
Me: We could probably put a potty right underneath the seat so that you can just poop WHILE you shop

Dochechka: YESSSSS!! Take me AWAY!
Dochechka: Will you help me try pants on?

Me: No
Me: That’s what your grabber is for

Dochechka: Yeah, but I am NOT bringing it to the store!!
Dochechka: Duh

Me: Whatevs
Me: You’re no fun

Dochechka: What? You want me to bring my grabber??
Dochechka: Only if I get to grab your ass and boobs all the time

Me: Deal

Note 1: We love to shop. And, additionally, we love to be regular. Hence the references to poop.
Note 2: Yes. We are adults.


Waspgoddess said...

Can't help but get a vision of Little Britain when reading this entry.

Check out this to get an idea of what I imagine the two of you looking like as you're out shopping ;)

La Cubana Gringa said...

Yeah. Pretty much just like that. Only Dochechka has the decency to cover up her balding forehead with a toupe.

Waspgoddess said...

God, that's a relief.