Friday, March 23, 2007

Mama's got a brand new rack

As mentioned previously, Tulip recently introduced me to a non-invasive, non-surgical method of breast enhancement. After much anticipation, I’m happy to announce that my new boobs came in the mail today.*

I must say, although I do run the moderate risk of poking one of my own eyes out (as demonstrated by Bustie McMammaries to our right here), they look great! As
we speak I type, all things are lifted, supported, and pushed in all the right places. And suddenly, what was once questionably appreciable is now significant enough to set my beer on. Which is handy. Usually I just set it on my rump. So this makes things a lot more accessible.

And just in time for my trip to the DC area. I’m off for a weekend of gallivanting with the likes of Mr. Poopie, Cunning Mama, and some of my favorite aunts and cousins. All of this is to be followed up by a highly academinc meeting early next week with all of the great minds of breast cancer research. Me and my new boobs plan to enjoy ourselves thoroughly. And tastefully. Of course.

* I had to special order them because bras for boobs as small as mine are not commonly found in traditional lingerie stores. (Shut up.)


rattie said...

Wow, does the bra suck all of the meat out of your body like it did for the poor girl in the picture? She looks like a skeleton with boobs!

mist1 said...

I'm not saying anything about small boobs. Have you seen mine?

Neither have I.

Catherine said...

I, too, have recently learned that a complete makeover is a just a good bra away. Who knew?! ...Besides Tulip.

Tastefully or not, I hope you and your ladies have a great time this weekend! ;)

nikinpos said...

Send some of those boobs this way please! Oh and I just got sent a link of some mad Englishman throwing himself off the top of a waterfall with a rope attatched to his legs!

Jay said...

Have you heard of a bra that does the opposite? Because I'd be into that. Or maybe we could just trade a bit?

La Cubana Gringa said...

rattie - Fortunately not...though I do have a few problem areas that could stand to be "relocated."

mist1 - My condolences. Have some chocolate. Oh gave up brown for lent...

catherine - Tulip is my idol! And thanks! Me and my girls had some good fun this weekend!

nik - Yep...that's my mad Englishman!

jay - I think a trasplant is in order...but only if you take some of my ass! (It's only fair!)

Anonymous said...

Wow, who would have known that my boob secret would have such a positive impact on your social life LCG. I should have let my boob secret out of the bag years ago. Your two ladies were dying to come out and play. I'm glad that I was able to help! Show them off girl! xoxox