Sunday, November 19, 2006

Thanksgiving strategery

Turns out it takes a lot of strategery to plan a meal for 20 people. With the annual celebration of that-moment-in-time-when-the-
enough-to-enjoy-a-bountiful-feast-with-them fast approaching (aka Thanksgiving), and 20 people slated to be at our house for the gluttonous ingestion of ridiculous amounts of food (aka the “giving of thanks”), a little planning is required.

So, Captain Organico and I sat down last night to skillfully craft a plan. There are five roommates in this six bedroom house, four of whom will be giving thanks in conjunction with various members of their visiting family. The Queen's Own and I are serious about cooking…and Captain Organico is serious about organics (Exhibit A: see untouchable collection of assorted organic fruits and vegetables, one of which is kale, in his exclusive refrigerator drawer). [He’s also serious, I am learning, about Thanksgiving. Being all American, and all.] [The Queen's Own and I are British and Cuban, respectively, so we just want to eat.] So, as to prevent the cut-throat competition for the stove top and the oven (because I WILL jab ribs if anyone gets in the way of my roasting spiced winter squash and fennel), we had to plan, plan, plan. What developed was a complicated matrix with timetables and stick figures and codes and legends. Brilliant. [Cue angels singing.] Then we threw the matrix out. We realized that what we really needed was two more stoves, and neither one of us was going to make it to Sears before Thursday. SO, because Captain Organico’s life giver (mom, in from Texas) is willing to do the 25 lb turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes I surrendered the kitchen to the turkey crew and resolved to craft my Cuban pork roast and other assorted gourmet goodies in Dochecka’s kitchen. (She’ll be back from Peru on Tuesday…I’ll welcome her back with the news that I will be camping out in her kitchen cooking food she will not get to enjoy since she is working that day.) (Ehh, leftovers always taste better anyway.)

So, T-day, we are ready for you. Well, now I just have to go buy the ingredients and start marinating the pork. Then I’ll be ready. Well, almost. I don’t believe anyone is ready for what will ensue when you put Captain Organico’s conservative family in the same room with an opionated Cuban and published author of many editorials (my father), his fiancĂ© (who my brother and I barely know) and a bunch of my liberal friends and roommates…with lots and lots of wine and food. This could be interesting. Verrrrrry interesting.


Word has indeed come that Dochechka is alive in well in the jungles of Peru. Mamichki, you can take a nap now.

And previously mentioned hypothetical email fiasco failed, to my surprise, to elicit a hypothetical shit storm. I am relieved. (Hypothetically.) Enjoyable Thanksgiving day encounter imminent. (Hopefully.)

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