Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Family Jewels

Daddio’s nuptuals are quickly approaching. He and La Italiana want a small, humble wedding. And to help add that extra personal touch, The Brit and I are going to contribute. He’ll be the wedding photographer (he did a great job at one of my good friends’ weddings in Mexico) and I’ll be making the bride’s bouquet. I’m also in charge of decorating the banister to the staircase down which La Italiana will be making her fashionably late appearance. Me, faux tafetta and tool are about to become deeply involved like we've never been before. (Well, except for that one halloween where I was Like A Virgin.)

In any event, Daddio sent me an email the other day regarding our large, extended family, some of whom I last met when I was a child:
Dear Daughter -

I don't know if I told you this, but my aunt Amelia, her husband, Raynaldo, and my cousin Tuto will be joining us at the wedding. I wanted to send you a picture of Amelia so that you would recognize her in case I didn't get a chance to introduce you first.

She is a rather demure and plain looking person as you will see by her picture.

Love, Dad

Then he attached the following photo:

To which I replied:
Daddio -

It’s quite clear to whom we can attribute the swell looks in the family.

I can’t wait to tuck myself into one of her inviting wrinkles and take a drag off of her cigar.



Mr. Poopie said...

Just don't sqeeze her too tight sweetie, I'm sure that her gun holster will be a little uncomfortable jabbing into your ribs.

(unless of course it's concealed neatly under her boobs).

Waspgoddess said...

Love the Cindy Crawford mole

heartinsanfrancisco said...

That's another view of Eslocura's blog portrait. I'd know that cigar anywhere. I had no idea she was your auntie.

Where will the wedding take place?

Catherine said...

Now those are some glasses that'll get you noticed. Lovely indeed.