Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Old habits are hard to break

My cell phone rings. It’s Mamacusa.

“Hey Ma! What’s up?”

“Nada, I just wanted to thank you for the lovely package full of gifts from Japan!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!”

“Glad you like it! Were you surprised??”


“You like how that works?”

“Do I like how what works?”

“The surprise! See how much of a surprise it was when the surprisER doesn’t call the potential surprisEE beforehand to tell them to expect a surprise in the mail???”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. I always ruin surprises. I can’t help it…I just get so excited!”

“I know. It’s fun to give presents.”

“Yeah, so anyway. When are you and The Brit coming up to see me next…I’ve got some GREAT presents for you…”


“…I just did it again didn’t I?”



heartinsanfrancisco said...

Amo su madre. It just about kills me to keep presents to myself so I have to invent new holidays every time I buy someone something.

Mamacusa said...

No surprise to me that you remembered this conversation verbatim! To paraphrase the late President Reagan, "I can't help it, there I go again!"
So by the way, when ARE you and the Brit coming up??? ;o)
Tu Madre! Oh wait, that's me!

la bellina mammina said...

Hi! That's so funny!