Friday, February 2, 2007

Ahhhh, the irony of it all....

This story hit the New York Times the other day: Posing as a family, sex offenders stun a town

It's a lengthy article so here's the nutshell: A 29-year-old, named Neil H. Rodreick II,
de-pubes himself and enrolls in school as a 12-year-old student. He does this with the help of Mr. Stiffler and Mr. Snow, both of whom Rodreick convinces he is a minor thus inspiring them to play along in the ruse as his grandfather and uncle. Together, they are one big, happy, disgusting family of illegally unregistered child sex offenders that, on their downtime, switch things up by doing each other. Until they eventually get found out.

Herein lies the irony…

The fact that the name of the town in which this whole thing went down is Surprise. That’s the actual name of the town. Surprise.

The fact that the school system that enrolled this 29-year-old 12-year-old is called the Imagine Charter School. Imagine that.

The fact that Mr. Stiffler’s name is almost too perfect for his role in this grotesque non-fiction. If I were writing this as a fictional story, the name Mr. Stiffler might have only just barely lost out to my first choice for his character: Mr. Boner.

The fact that Mr. Stiffler and Mr. Snow were “shocked” and “angry” to find out they’d been banging a perfectly legal 29-year-old the whole time. Rather than being relieved to be absolved of pedophilia charges, they were UPSET!!

I literally had to make sure I wasn’t reading the National Enquirer
when Ratatat first emailed me this story. Absolutely. Horridly. Detestable.


Molly said...

what I couldn't believe when reading the story is that ANYONE actually thought that guy was 12. YIKES!

Mr. Poopie said...

I'm not even touching this one. That poor town got manhandled.

I mean. I really feel for them.

Dammit! Those pervs.