Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Paying it forward

The lovely, superbly extraordinary Catherine…who wreaks the best kind of written havoc that can be wreaked over On the Banks of the Rio Grande…the kind that makes you feel like you should go out and wreak some actual havoc of your own…has awarded me a Thinking Blogger Award. Wow!!! Thanks Catherine! Truly, I’m flattered and honored! Woo hoo!

Wait. I think I am!?! It occurred to me, upon receipt of this award, that I had no idea what I’d just been awarded. This got me thinking…Does it mean I make my 5 readers think as I blog? Or does it actually signify a subtle hint that I should think before I blog? God, I hope it’s not the latter, because I rather enjoy posting about depthless, hollow things like clitoral stimulation during childbirth or like how my boyfriend is slowly trying to kill me with lethal auditory doses of movie scores and soundtracks. I’m thinking Catherine probably meant more of the former…mostly because I know that deep down, she truly enjoys my content. And by “content”, I mean “boobs.” (Which I’d like to go on the record and say that I am A-OKAY with. Stare all you like, folks. That’s what they’re there for.)

Regardless of what it really all means, I’ll happily make a list of five bloggers who I like and who make me think (or, alternatively, who make laugh so hard that I sometimes momentarily lose urethral sphincter control and wet myself just a little). (Both are equally admirable accomplishments in my mind.) So, here goes:

Nicki in Positano – Her brother, who is one of The Brit’s oldest pals, sent me the link to her blog late last year. Through her candid tails of love, loss, motherhood, and life in Positano…she invited me in, not only to her world, but to the world of blogging. I have yet to meet her, but judging by her blog and her brother (who is an absolute riot), she’s got to be a real scream!

Waspgoddess in England– This sassy lassy is the first official blog-amiga I made. I like to think we’re homies that go way back now. She’s one of my blog-peeps. She’s funny, witty, and thoughtful. Her writing spans from the whimsical and silly to the tear-jerking and philosophical. She’s been a real gem to get to know!

Mr. Poopie in DC – Now THIS guy is one of my actual peeps with whom I really do go waaaaaaaay back…back to the pimply, bushy eye-browed days of high school. He’s probably one of the funniest guys I know, and perhaps one of the ONLY people I know who is decidedly more obnoxious than me. Be sure to do some Kegel exercises to strengthen your urethral sphincter (or at least get yourself some Depends) before you head on over to this guy’s blog. He’ll surely make you wee.

Mist in the Dirty South – Another blog-amiga made via the series of tubes that is the internet as we know it. I first stumbled upon her blog when she’d just written "Indoor kids" on March 8th of this year (do you not have permalinks woman??), which JUST about killed me. No seriously. I was drinking really hot coffee when she made me snort with laughter. (Ouch, by the way.) After my 2nd degree nasal mucosal burns healed, I was left with the scars of deep, devoted blog-love. She’s frank, she’s vulgar, she’s divine.

Jay in Canada – I happen to know she’s already received one of these, but there’s nothing in any made-up rule book that says I can’t give her one all over again. I found this gem of a goat killer because she was one of the privileged few to get nominated for this prestigious award. She’s fantastically witty, highly entertaining, and full of goaty goodness. (Which, incidentally, is an essential part of a well-balanced breakfast.)

So there are my favorite thinkers and jokers. (I’ll leave it up to y’all whether to pass on the award or not.) Thanks again, Catherine…I’m so happy to count you amongst my few new blog-world friends!! And thanks to all of you who share your world with me!


Mr. Poopie said...

[takes a deep bow]

"You are too kind my boisterous bosom buddy."

[releases a thunderously loud fart]

"Simply, too kind."

nikinpos said...

Aw shucks, I'm blushing! I don't think I'm as fun as my brother, I'm usually stomping around angrily muttering to myself!

mist1 said...

What the hell is a permalink?

It's a wonder that I can type at all.

Catherine said...

Yeah. I think it's one of those awards that means whatever you THINK it should mean. ;)

And yes, dahling, I absolutely adore your content. Thank you for noticing!

Off to check out your peeps.

Anonymous said...

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