Monday, March 5, 2007

At least he smells nice

The Brit and I were rushing recently to make a dinner reservation at a swanky restaurant in town. I’d just picked him up from the airport, as he’d been away on business again, and he was still wearing his company’s logo work shirt. I skillfully found a parking spot a block away from the restaurant, which, in San Francisco is about as difficult as finding a fully clothed man at the annual Gay Pride Parade…finding a naked one that doesn’t have a curiously large inguinal hernia is even more challenging. And sometimes parking can even be that difficult.

So now you’ll understand how we came to be standing by the opened trunk of my car in bustling downtown SF with a shirtless Brit digging through a haphazardly thrown together suitcase for a shirt when another driver pulled up alongside us. The driver, unable to tell if we were coming or going, wanted to know if we were about to vacate the parking spot. At which point my boyfriend, with his pasty white flesh all asunder, sprayed his left armpit with aerosolized deodorant, looked over at her mid-spray and said, “No.”

Ahh yes. That’s my man.


Waspgoddess said...

That sure paints a pretty picture, he he...

I had a few marvelous meals in San Francisco some years ago. What were they called? Millennium was this awesome vegan place (my husband at the time was vegan) and the other one was down by the water sort of close-ish to Alcatraz. I think it was vegetarian. But very flash.

Since I embarked on this challenge of no mini eggs or any other fun things I'm finding myself rather preoccupied with food.

nikinpos said...

what a charming young man! I wish I could elaborate but I have very little memory of him hanging around at home, Dan must have kept him hidden elsewhere!

La Cubana Gringa said...

waspgoddess - Yup! Millenium is still around. And perhaps that restaurant down by the water that you went to was Greens?

Keep up the good work with the diet! You'll fit into your birthday outfit in no time!

nikinpos - The Brit remembers you! (Have Dan show you a pic...though The Brit has long since outgrown his adolescent layer of blubber so you may not recognize him!) :)