Wednesday, January 10, 2007

to Cuba with love... (part 3)

It’s one of those SF winter mornings. Thick, ominous, low-lying fog…threatening to blanket our day, deny us our light.

Except today…

Here comes the sun.

I watch from our balcony as the sun, using its rays as arms, casts off the city’s blanket.

And I smile.
I feel warm in the middle of January. Warm knowing that we* succeeded in making someone who is sad momentarily happy.

The gift made it to Cuba on Jan 6th.** El Día de Los Reyes. How fitting.

* My family, myself, Dochechka, The Brit, and my dear, dear, traveling friends who took the challenge of having to hunt down my family with little more than the phone number of a neighbor. An INCORRECT phone number, they discovered.

** In order to know what the hell I’m rambling on about, you have to have already read this, this and this.

Pics of this morning's sunrise coming soon.

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