Wednesday, November 22, 2006

T-Day minus one

On this Eve of Thanksgiving, all things are falling into place for tomorrow…

The turkey quietly sits, chilling, in it’s cooler of a coffin…awaiting its final destiny: an olive oil and salt rub down, a cramming with sausage stuffing, and a really long sauna.

The pork has been marinating in onions, garlic, naranja agria, lemon, salt and pepper since Monday night. The contents of the entire refrigerator are now saturated with the aromas of the marinade. (Mmmm, blueberry yogurt with hints of garlic anyone?)

Immediately following our house dinner of delivered pizza and a variety of cabernets (one of which was my favorite Argentinean wine at the moment, the Crios Cabernet Savignon), Captain Organico and his mom commandeered the kitchen for the construction of pumpkin pies.

Rattie and Vinja have headed over to Rattie’s apartment after dinner to work on an apple pie and homemade macaroni and cheese.

Dochechka’s gleaming clean kitchen awaits its honorable duty.

Homeslice has been taking it easy this evening…turns out he’s developed a rather serious joint problem since I saw him last. He’s called upon my skills as a physician multiple times today alone…

“Hey, sis, my elbow is really bothering me…check this out, whenever I extend my elbow like this…”

He then demonstrates how, upon extension of his elbow, a rather mighty and thunderous wind seems to simultaneously erupt from his backside. A putrid smell immediately follows. He then chuckles, pleased with himself.

A little later… “Hey, sis, my knee’s been cramping up all day…check this out, whenever I flex my knee past 90 degrees, it’s inexplicable really, but…”

And the vicious, smelly cycle repeats itself. It’s a horrible affliction. As a general surgeon, I'm pretty useless to him...he really should get that checked out by a primary care physician.

The Queen’s Own has been collected from the airport this evening. Along with tales of gutting old moldy houses and roofing a new home, he comes back armed with horror-filled stories about the continued state of New Orleans post-Katrina…still much to be done there, he says. I am encouraged to hear that he was working alongside volunteers from all over the world. It never ceases to amaze me when people are giving of themselves. One of the many things to be thankful for, I suppose. It's good to have The Brit home again.

Daddio, Italiana, the rest of the Captain Organico’s friends and family, and two college friends of mine along with their husbands are all set to arrive tomorrow afternoon for what will surely be a gluttonous celebration.

I’m sure it will be lovely. (Fingers crossed!!!)

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