Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Serendipitous windfall

I was awakened this morning by a fierce wind (this time not my brother's) that took to exploiting the fact that one of our bedroom’s window panes has a rude tendency to smack loudly against the frame whenever the wind tells it to. Ahh, but luckily, this is just enough of a rare occurrence for me to forget about it until the next time it wakes me up and scares the bejesus out of me. My palpitations have since subsided, now that I am assured that it was not a skilled burglar repelling off the roof and trying to kick his way in, or (perhaps only slightly less likely) a mack truck driving through our northeasterly window. Not a great way to wake up though, honestly.

However, my morning was brightened just now when I opened my email and received word from my dear friends at the DIRECTOR’S OFFICE OF THE REAL CAMPO FREE INTERNATIONAL PROMOTIONS PRICE AWARD IN MADRID, SPAIN. I thought I only had eccentric billionaire business partners in NIGERIA, but apparently there are more! Why my NEW and improved close affiliates in MADRID chose to write an introductory email to me in all caps seemed a sweet, intoxicating mystery…until I read a little further and realized that my LUCKY WINNING TICKET NUMBER (WL/104) was selected in GAME NUMBER 925-43-06. Then I realized the importance of the capital letters…I’ve just won 550,000,000 Euros, so they were just excited for me. (In case you didn’t know, ALL CAPS = EXCITEMENT!!!, except when it means anger, and then ALL CAPS = SCREAMING!!! But I’ve just won tons of money, so I’m sure my friends aren’t upset with me. They're just EXCITED. Or maybe EXCITEDLY SCREAMING!!!) Either way, great news. Certainly cheered me up after my rude awakening. And the winnings will definitely come in handy for my work trip to DC, leaving tonight. What impeccable luck I have!

Skipping off to start my lucky day with some tea and a shower…


Homeslice made it safely back to Boston yesterday. (The house has since been adequately aired out.)

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